Hi, we have an issue in Outlook 2007 when some emails show up blank (no subject and body).
The computer is a Lenovo T400 laptop with windows xp sp3 with all patches installed.
Office version is 2007 pro with volume license (SP2 installed).
The Zimbra server version is 6.0.1 Network Edition and the Connector version is 6.0.1 as well.
All mails show up fine if setup using IMAP or via Zimbra webmail UI.
The problem seems to be consistent i.e if I remove the zimbra , office , connector and reinstall , delete Outlook profile in question and recreate it always the same mails come up as blank.
It looks like (not 100% sure) that most of them are plaintext emails but there are at least some that are either rich text or html.
Most of the senders also send emails using Outlook with Zimbra connector within the same network.