We are using Office 2003 SP3
Connector Version: ZimbraOlkConnector-6.0.1_GA_1816_6.0.5691.1.msi

Client Version: 6.0.1_GA_1816.RHEL5_64
Client Release: 20090911162124
Build Date: 20090911-1637

I got 5 users that keep receiving the following:
Local Failures were detected.  No action is required.
This e-mail was generated for technical support purposes.

Sync Type: Delta Sync

Store: Zimbra - (User Name)

Computer Name: (Workstation Name)

Version: 6.0.5691.1

Error ID:

Error Code: -2147221240
Error Message: Unknown error 0x80040108
Yes, I searched and yes, it is related to appointments.
How do I fix this? Is there a way to properly set appointments so that they don't get these error message?

Are older versions of the Zimbra Connector suppressing these errors for the other users? Why is it that only these newer users receive these errors.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.