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Thread: 6.0 Connector Problem

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    Question 6.0 Connector Problem

    Morning Guys....

    I have a very strange problem arising since we have upgraded to 6.0 of the connector. It all goes weird when our end users are forced to change their Domain password every month and then open up outlook.

    The problem varies from Office 2003 - 2007, all users using Windows XP Pro with SP3 on Windows and Office.

    Server - 6.0.0_GA_1801
    Client - 6.0.5678.0

    When the user starts up thier machine as normal after changing thier password, they open outlook up and put their new password in the box as normal for the connector. Then it seems that their profile is blank but all the sub folders are there, even after a send & recive there is nothing. Then I close down Outlook and restart it and all the mail starts to sync from scratch so for some users this can take a while.

    The main problem is after a restart of outlook there is still nothing so I have to re-do the profile to get it working which is a pain in the butt, in the last 2 weeks ive had about 9 users getting this problem im guessing its all password change related.

    Anyone got any ideas?


    Heavy Metal Ftw

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    Could be related to bugs 13959, 41294. These have been fixed in later versions. BTW, 6.0.0 is pretty old news.

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