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Thread: Clean uninstallation of Outlook Connector

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    Default Clean uninstallation of Outlook Connector

    When I uninstall Outlook connector, it says it was completely uninstalled and is removed from the Programs list in Windows. However when I attempt to reinstall, it tells me it is upgrading from an older version.

    Version I'm upgrading to is 5.0.18. Upgrading from 5.0.9. Windows XP Pro SP3 is the OS.

    Is there a tool that can perform a clean uninstall? Or are there files and registry keys that I can delete?


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    I believe there is an installer bug that leaves registry entries around so that
    we think we need an upgrade when we really don't. Scenario:

    Add Remove Programs
    Remove ZCS Connector for Outlook

    Install will ask if you want to upgrade. When we upgrade, no new registry
    entries are written. So, if HKLM\SOFTWARE\Zimbra and HKCU\Software\ZIMBRA are
    not there, and the new version is installed, no registry entries will be
    written. The new code expects things to be in HKCU first, and then HKLM. If
    there is nothing there, we will have problems. Configure won't really work,
    and existing profiles won't be able to be accessed.

    This may be an edge case, but it is there nonetheless.

    Here is the way the installer detects whether or not we need to ugprade:

    It looks in HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion \\Uninstall. It
    searches all the GUIDS under there looking for ZCS Connector for Outlook in the
    DisplayName property. If it finds something, it thinks we need to upgrade. If
    these GUIDS are left around by uninstall, we will run into this.

    Deleting the offending GUIDS allows the install to proceed without upgrading,
    HKLM keys are written, and everything installs correctly.

    Note that this bug may have been fixed in 5.0.20. Note also that it didn't happen all the time. Perhaps because you were upgrading through so many versions (5.0.9 to 5.0.18), you ran into it. I don't know. But you can try deleting those GUIDs.

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    That resolved it. Outlook Connector was corrupt and I could not re-install it. Probably residual damage from a spyware infection that had been removed.


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