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Thread: Problem creating a filter rule for a group contact list

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    Default Problem creating a filter rule for a group contact list

    With "group contact list" I mean the distribution lists that have been created in outlook with contacts from the outlook address book.
    When I try to create a rule from Zimbra Server Rules in the outlook connector, I go to "from people or distribution list" in the rule wizard and then select the distribution list from my contacts. When I press "ok" in the Select Users window, nothing happens and I am just left with an empty list for "Selected Addresses".
    There is another post about the same problem but the answer pointed to Zimbra Desktop but I'm not using ZD.
    I need to be able to create a filter rule that will send the emails from any email addresses contained in my outlook group contact lists to a specific folder.
    How can I do this?
    Many thanks,

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    It looks like this depends on whether the distribution list has an email address or not. Does your dlist have an email address? I know that if I try that with the regular Outlook rules (Tools->Rules and Alerts), I'll get an error message. For example, if I have a group called mydlist, not associated with an email address, I'll get:

    'mydlist' is a personal distribution list that may not be used with this feature. Would you like to use the individual members of 'mydlist' instead?

    Perhaps the bug is that we need an error message instead of just nothing.

    But I'm curious -- what happens with Tools->Rules and Alerts when you try to use your group?

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    You were right. That was the problem, the distribution list didn't have an email address. I got the same message from Tools --> Rules and Alerts.
    Thanks a lot

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