Hey Guys n Girls,

Im having abit of a mind bender on a few things just on 1 user.

The user is running the 6.0.2 connector which is the same as the server
They have Office 2007 with SP2 and Windows XP Pro with SP3

The user in question had an error in their profile and I rebuilt it from scratch

Uninstalled the connector and reinstalled after restart, started a band new profile etc

When it came down to the sync which worked super, we realised a few things hadnt quite come from the server properly, for example they didnt have any of the tags in her outlook catagories which was odd, and the notes hadnt been saved which is a different issue.

Is there anyway to make sure the tags come down from the server as the webmails hows they are there and working fine. outlook only shows red, blue and green etc on the webmail it shows Personal etc etc.

Regarding the notes are they saved to a seperate file to be added or would they of been in the zdb that i deleted to start a new profile? could be abit of a bummer.

Any help would be super