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Thread: Read Receipt Behavior

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    Default Read Receipt Behavior

    This has been a point of great confusion, if only for me.

    I am running ZCO client 6.0.5736.2 and Server 6.0.2_GA_1912

    Read receipts sent from anywhere, including another ZCO, Zimbra webclient, or Outlook client on Exchange are not acknowledged by a ZCO recipient(no message pops up saying the sender is requesting a read receipt with the option to send it or not). Outlook is configured to prompt user. Is this functionality expected or should this combination be working? I was led to believe we have full read receipt functionality...Thanks i advance for any explanation.

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    It's known not to work. This should be fixed for 6.0.4 (though the current situation is just a bit muddled). Bug 31607 – missing: read receipts in outlook

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