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Thread: Error Message (Error_Report.xml File)

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    It's kind of hard to get the problems logged it seems. I have used that Zimbra logger as described in the Zimbrawiki. I have 3x10mb Files of logs where I searched for error and found some sync errors. Is this what was needed ? I just can't seem to get the error fixed. Could this be a calendar sync issue? They have that problem as far as I know. When I ask my clients to redo the actions they did in order to recreate the error messages, they never know what they did :/

    The lof files are to be found here:
    Index of /msug

    Hopefully this information will help someone to help me get closer to the problem thank you again in advance. I really am very thankful for the help I have been receiving.


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    I'm seeing some pretty nasty errors in these log files. Errors like:

    id (11) type(folder) message(could not get/create the mailbox root folder)

    GetProps on store for PR_ZIMBRA_CURR_SYNCTOKEN_W failed. hr: 0x80040119

    This seems to indicate that the profile is damaged. I also noticed a message:

    "Beim Beenden von 'Microsoft Office Outlook' wurde die Outlook-Datendatei 'C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\vn\Lokale Einstellungen\Anwendungsdaten\Microsoft\Outlook\Zi mbra_neu.zdb' nicht richtig geschlossen. 'Microsoft Office Outlook' muss neu gestartet werden. Wenn diese Fehlermeldung weiterhin angezeigt wird, wenden Sie sich an den Support für 'Microsoft Office Outlook'."

    indicating that the profile might be in a bad state by not being closed properly.

    I'm concerned about the primary store, and a delegate store called Zimbra -

    Were there any strange errors when the profile was configured? I see that this is an initial sync.

    Perhaps you can create a new profile and sync again, this time without any delegate stores, and see how that goes. Then add some delegates one at a time, and see how that goes. Perhaps then we can narrow this down.

    Sorry you are having these issues.

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