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Thread: Appointment Responses not tracked for Exchange Users

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    Default Appointment Responses not tracked for Exchange Users

    Please let me know if anyone can reproduce this:

    If a Zimbra user using Outlook '03 with Zimbra Connector 6.0.2 schedules an appointment and invites attendees with Exchange mailboxes, the tracking records for that appointment for the exchange attendees will not be updated with their responses (accepted, tentative, decline, etc...)

    How to reproduce:

    From Outlook 2003 w/ ZCO: Create an appointment
    Invite a user with a Zimbra Mailbox
    Invite a user with an Exchange Mailbox
    Instruct both users to "Accept" your meeting invitation, and send a notification email
    Open the appointment
    Click the Tracking tab
    Under the Response column observe:
    For the Zimbra attendee, the response will be "Accepted"
    For the Exchange attendee, the response will be "None"

    I also filed a bugzilla on this one:

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    I cannot repro with 2003, 2007 on 6.0.2 and 6.0.4-- please see notes in the bug.

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