Zimbra Server Version: X-Mailer: Zimbra 6.0.3_GA_1915.UBUNTU8 (ZimbraWebClient - SAF3 (Linux)/6.0.3_GA_1915.UBUNTU8)

Clients: Outlook 2003 SP3, Windows XP Pro (fully patched).

Zimbra Outlook Connector Version: ZimbraOlkConnector-6.0.3_GA_1912_6.0.5737.3

On a fresh Outlook 2003 SP3 (and also with no prior profile), I install the Zimbra Outlook Connector version indicated above. The installation appears to run through normally. Once the install is complete, I am instructed by the installer to startup Outlook. I startup Outlook and immediately get the error as indicated in the attachment. The error is associated with LSLIB32.DLL (see attachment image).

I close that message, startup Outlook again, get asked to start in Safe Mode and I click No and then I continue into Outlook. Once in Outlook, the Zimbra connector seems to work ok as far as sending and receiving email, etc.

***So far I have installed the connector on the first 12 machines in our Windows 2003 network (XP clients) and ALL get this error message. In fact, even in my test VM environments (again XP), I get this error message. What is particularly interesting is the clients have Admin rights when I do the installs of the connector and this error happens for users on the network and also for test systems that are both on and off the network.***

Even though most things are working well, I am very concerned that everything could stop working in the future. I do not know how serious the LSLIB32.DLL file failure on installation is to Outlook and/or Zimbra. Can somebody explain that to me? Is my whole implementation going to fail and come crashing down in the near future because of this issue?