Version: 3.1.2_GA_435_3.1.922
Windows XP - SP2
Outlook 2003

I am trying to uninstall the previous version of the Outlook Connector and install the latest version. However when I try to uninstall (in Add/Remove Programs) or install the latest version it always wants to default to the shared drive I downloaded the .msi to on our Fileserver - the trouble is I am at home and therefore that path cannot be found. I have downloaded the latest .msi file from the Zimbra Admin site locally to my laptop and tried to run it but it still wants to default to the share where I originally installed it from. What are the correct procedures for upgrading the Outlook Connector? How can I get around my short term problem:

1. Uninstall then reinstall Outlook Connector without being prompted for the original path of the .msi file.