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Thread: [SOLVED] Can not save changes in "Zimbra Server Configuration Settings" win

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    Default [SOLVED] Can not save changes in "Zimbra Server Configuration Settings" win


    I am trying to install Zimbra Connector for Outlook 2007.

    I typed in the required details in "Zimbra Server Configuration Settings" window,
    clicked on "Apply" but when I tried to click on "OK" the same window
    popped up again.

    This is an infinite loop - I click on "OK" and the config window pops up.

    The relevant logs are attached to this message.

    Thank you very much for your assistance,
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    I'm not completely sure, but I believe the issue may lie in the name of the .zdb file. It looks like it's:

    C:\Documents and Settings\Igal Rubinstein\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Zimbra(Igal Rubinstein).zdb. There seems to be an extra space and tab in there. Is it possible that your display name has these extra characters in there?

    With the fix for bug 37515, we added the account name into the .zdb name for better association.

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    I used bulk import, and a few users were created with extra space between their first and last names. Fixed. Thanks!

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