OS: RHEL 4 (on VMware Infrastructure 3)
Zimbra Version: Network Ed 3.14_GA_518
Outlook connector version: 3.1.2_GA_435_3.1.9
MS Outlook 2003 SP2
Win XP SP2

This is for anyone that gets the following message when trying to reconfigure the outlook client. Here's hoping it will save you some troubleshooting:

"Zimbra Account Mismatch
The account specified in the profile does not match the account used to create the data in the ZDB file.
Expected Account Id {11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111} Display Name: user@testdomain.com Email: user@testdomain.com
Actual Account ID: {12121212-1212-1212-1212-121212121212} Display Name: admin@server.domain.com Email: admin@server.domain.com

All you should have to do is remove the profile and recreate it. However, I have run into an issue when trying to recreate a profile, but using a different domain name than the one you used initially in the first profile.

After testing on a different PC to be sure there wasn't something wrong on the server side, I started by trying to remove and reinstall the Outlook connector. After reconfiguring the connector for the new user name I'd still get the same error.

I was eventually able to get around this by clearing out all the files in 2 directories "\documents and settings\UserProfileName\application Data\microsoft\outlook" and "\documents and settings\UserProfileName\local settings\application data\microsoft\outlook"

Hope that may be of help to someone else.