Good Afternoon,

One of my users is currently having an issue when she changes her password on our domain, every month our server makes every user change their password for security reasons obviously. But as soon as shes changed it and loaded up Outlook it seems to start her profile from fresh.

Outlook would open as normal but it would just show the standard folders e.g Inbox, Sent etc and none of the folders made by the user inside the Inbox.

You then need to restart Outlook it then gives you a Outlook must restart box you click ok then it restarts.

It opens up again and mail and folders comes in like id just loaded up her mail on a new pc its syncs down untill 7 out of 7 tasks have been completed.

After the sync is completed all her calendar reminders come back from the dawn of time, and if the event is yearly it seems to dissappear if you dismiss it.

Yet everything in her webmail seems to be correct.

Specs are as follows:

XP Pro SP3
Office 2007 SP2
Client Version: 6.0.5736.2
Client Release: 6.0.2_GA_1912

Its getting to be abit of a pain in the ass to do this every month.

Any help would be super