When using the "Mail recipient (as attachement)" function from MS Office, my Outlook 2003 will open a new e-mail, with the attachement attached to the e-mail message. So all good there. After composing the body of the e-mail, and pressing the send button, still all good, the e-mail is sent.

The problem is that the e-mail is sent without the body message, however the attachment and header of the e-mail are correct.

I have some kind of bypass, by saving the e-mail with the save button of outlook, going to my inbox to get the saved e-mail, from there add the body, and then press the send button. Obviously this is not the intention.

Anyone who can help me on this one ?

Outlook 2003 SP3
Zimbra Outlook connector : 5.0.3064.18
Zimbra server version : 5.0.18_GA_3009