This may be related to bug/enhancement request #7794, but I hope it is a configuration issue on my part. The use case:

A Secretary is configured to share an Administrator's calendar so they can manage it. The Secretary updates the calendar as necessary. In addition, the Administrator returns from a meeting, gives their PDA to the Secretary to sync. The Secretary syncs the calendar and returns the PDA to the Administrator.

Our current approach is to have the Secretary's Outlook log into the Administrator's Zimbra account. This works well for sync-ing the Calendar. However, it also syncs the mail and allows the Secretary to have access to all the Administrator's email. This is not good.

I can think of a couple of possible solutions.

1) Is there someway to disable the Secretary's ability to run Outlook while still allowing sync-ing to take place? Normally, the Secretary uses the Zimbra web client to access email and maintain the calendar.

2) Is there a way to have the PDA sync-ed to the Administrators shared calendar via the Secretary's account?

3) Is there a way to tell Outlook to be only a calendar program, disabling the email capability?

Any other suggestions? Any help? Thanks.