I've created a set of resources to be used as meeting rooms. I can modify permissions on the calendar to share to individual users which can be opened in Outlook by that user (File->Open->Other Users Mailbox) just fine. But when I modify the permissions on the resource meeting room to either be publicly readable, or give read permission to everyone@domain.com I cant open the calendar.

Conference Room Calendar Sharing permissions:

myaccount@domain.com Manager Edit Revoke Resend
Public Viewer Revoke
everyone@domain.com Viewer Edit Revoke Resend

Only myaccount@domain.com can open the calendar share in Outlook. For everyone else it just freezes Outlook for 10 seconds and does nothing. The only thing I get is "Zimbra Delegate Folders" under the Mail section of outlook. Clicking on this results in an error message of "The set of folders cannot be opened. The information store could not be opened".

So, how do I get a resources calendar available to everyone via Outlook without explicitly adding everyone individually?

I'm also having another problem regarding auto-decline on conflict. I have this set so meetings overlapping with each other should auto-decline, but I was able to schedule two meetings for a resource at the same time without error. This should not happen.

ZCO version 6.0.5817.4