Hi everyone

We're a small business of 11 users and I've migrated my mailbox from Exchange SBS 2003 to Zimbra using the Exchange Migration Wizard, which worked brilliantly. We're set up as a split domain at the moment.

I've been using the Ajax UI intensively over the past week and I love it. However the thought of training a couple of our users to use something new and different is pretty frightening so I was planning on having them use the Outlook Connector

Got some quick questions:
1) Is there a way to set it so that the user has to enter their password whenever they open Outlook?
When I'm in the ZCO settings I have to enter the password there and I can't set it to blank.

2) The RSS feed folders. It's a bit of a shame that they just appear as regular folders in Outlook, I know there's nothing that Zimbra can really do about that.
But is there any way to at least make them read-only through Outlook so that new items can't be dropped into them? That's the behaviour of the Ajax UI.

Cheers, B