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Thread: an easier way to sync up?

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    Default an easier way to sync up?

    I have my new laptop, I installed the outlook connector, and checked my mail file size on the zimbra server. It is 7.3 GB.

    I started up outlook, and it has been syncing ever since.

    About 12 hours later, I think it seems to be halfway done.

    I have about 100 Local Failure Notices in my inbox this morning, each about 2mb in size.

    So my questions are, is there an easier way to get this in sync next time? I suppose copying the zdb file from my old computer?

    Also how do I really know when it is done and synced up? Other than send/receive progress?

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    if you have copy of old zdb, you can rename it to <filename>.pst and use the Zimbra pst import tool. It should be faster than syncing huge mail box.

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