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    I am having an issue where a user sends an e-mail using Outlook 2003 with SP3 and the body of the e-mail doesn't send. The Zimbra connector is ZimbraOlkConnector-6.0.4_GA_2040_6.0.5817.4. Attachments always seem to send fine and normally the body of the e-mail sends fine it is just maybe a once or twice a week occurrence that the body of the e-mail is blank. This has happened on the users old PC running windows XP and her brand new PC running Windows 7. The user is also running AVG 9.0 with e-mail scanning turned off. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I would have thought it's virus protection, but you say that email scanning is turned off. Is there some weird addin running? It still would be interesting to disable AVG 9.0 (or replace it with another version) and see if that is the culprit.

    You could also post a log file, and we could see if there is anything in there. Does this happen with a certain type of email, or is it totally random?

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