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Thread: Howto find ZCO Version

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    Default Howto find ZCO Version


    I have a zimbra account hosted with Simply Mail Solutions over here in the UK. I have downloaded the zco.msi from their support portal and installed which is working fine. However i dont have the zimbra toolbar in outlook, or "about zimbra" on the help menu either so i'm struggling to find the version number for the connector!

    Any advice? Also any reason why i dont have the support toolbar?


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    The connector did not get registered correctly. There's a way to find the version, but this connector isn't much good if it's not registered correctly.

    To find the version, you can go to Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\<locale-id>. For US that's 1033, but it would be some number. There should be a bunch of files in that directory starting with LSMS. To find the version, right click on one of those files, then Properties, Version, File Version.

    To try to get this connector registered properly, go to this same directory and execute the following commands:

    regsvr32 /u /s LSMSSP32.dll
    regsvr32 /s LSMSSP32.dll
    regsvr32 /u /s SharingAddin.dll
    regsvr32 /s SharingAddin.dll
    regsvr32 /u /s ShutdownAddin.dll
    regsvr32 /s ShutdownAddin.dll

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