Yes another post on this!

It looks like bug 31421 is back.
Bug 31421 – Reply All behavior does not respect Canonical Address

We have this happening in 2 different scenarios
We have with a canonical address of

When the user hits reply all in MS outlook, the sender gets put in the CC.

On another install of zimbra, we have with a canonical address of and using reply all, causes the sender to be in the cc field.

On servers/accounts where the username matches the canonical address, we do not see this problem.

Any one have any ideas? I enabled http logging when I tried to 'reply to all'

I did notice this:

ZimbraXPLogon::SetReplyToProps. GetReplyToPropsFromStore() failed: 80004005

This happens in outlook 2k3 and 2k7, v5 and v6 of zco.

Anyone have any ideas? Id rather not waste a support ticket on this one..

Thanks in advance.