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Thread: Undeliverable error on read receipts (Bug 44635)

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    Default Undeliverable error on read receipts (Bug 44635)

    My business relies heavily on read receipts, for both internal and external mail. The exact patterns of which messages will trigger this bug and which ones won't (all having receipt requests) are not crystal clear for me, but the symptoms seem to fit this bug well.

    I see that it was slotted for 6.0.8 a few days ago, but then I saw the roadmap push 6.0.8 from ~07/28 to "2010." As this seems to be a regression (although I'm not positive which release started it), is there any real likelihood of a (beta?) ZCO patch before 6.0.8 drops, or the release of some manner of workaround as the bug is investigated?

    With the small measure of unknown trigger(s) that seem to be part of this, I can't reassure my users as to exactly what the people on the other end are getting, and if they're getting a receipt request at all.

    Thank you - and looking forward to 6.0.7,


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    Angry Zimbra Outlook Read Receipt errors

    Does anyone know when they will be fixing this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by niftyit View Post
    Does anyone know when they will be fixing this?
    Did you actually look at the bug report? It was fixed last year (2010).


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