I'm currently migrating from the Zimbra webclient to the Zimbra Outlook connector and I have a few questions.

First question.

I'm using CreateZimbraProfile.exe to execute once at user's logon to create the profile. Now the problem is the password. The utility requires you to fill in a password. If you don't the profile does get created but when you then start Outlook you get the zimbra connection screen and there's no email address visible, only the windows username of the user. How can I solve this so that it shows the emailaddress? If i use CreateZimbraprofile.exe with password it does everything right and shows the email address but I can't parse the user's password at logon to the script, or is there some way to do that?

2nd question.

Another thing I noticed is that zimbra creates ZDB files in your profile directory. Can I make the unattended setup so that it auto checks the box 'download headers only'?

3rd and last question

Is it possible when the user logs on for the first time all shared calenders are automatically checked and visible in the users mailbox?

I'm using version 6.06 of the plugin. Thanks!