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Thread: Outlook failing to sync.

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    Default Outlook failing to sync.

    Well, to make a long story short; last Wed. I took over the email admin duties for my company and I have been trying to rapidly learn more about Zimbra.

    The problem I am having is that one user's Outlook mailbox will not sync unless the desktop is coming up from a fresh reboot.

    In the mailbox.log file I see the following repeated hundreds of times:

    2010-06-08 14:08:47,819 INFO [btpool0-4488://] [;mid=11;ip=10.10.60 .27;ua=ZimbraConnectorForOutlook/6.0.5797.4;] SoapEngine - handler exception

    What could that be? The user is on Windows XP Pro sp3 with Office 2003 sp3. The only recent changes to this user's computer has been and iTunes upgrade and windows updates.

    I have not yet tried to uninstall iTunes.

    **After a bit more googling I found this...

    In that posting fsiegel mentions upgrading to the 05 connector. Where can I get that version? In the admin console downloads only shows the 6.0.5797.4 version. The other evidence I have suggests that the bug mentioned in the link is at work here is this.

    2010-06-08 00:00:01,319 INFO [btpool0-4140://] [;mid=35 ;ip=;ua=ZimbraConnectorForOutlook/5.0.2992.16;] soap - SyncRequest
    2010-06-08 00:00:01,416 INFO [btpool0-4140://] [;aname=EMAIL_OF_EX;mid=11;ip=;u a=ZimbraConnectorForOutlook/5.0.2992.16;] soap - SyncR

    See, the executive assistant is setup *i think* to view the CEO's mail on her PC. I think a message got deleted by her end and then some syncing got wrinkled. It would be just my luck that this is affects the CEO.
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    We're now at 6.0.7. I would think that would be available on our downloads page. You should talk with your Zimbra rep.

    As far as this issue, can you enable ZCO logging? There is a program called ZCOLogCtl.exe, in the same directory as your ZCO dlls (Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033 [or whichever LCID you use]. Enable logging and HTTP logging (nothing else), start up ZCO, and try to duplicate your issue. Exit Outlook and send the log.

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