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Thread: Avoid ZCO sync / new local profile

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    Default Avoid ZCO sync / new local profile

    Good morning everyone !

    I hope my english will be good enough for you to understand (i'm french, but there's no Zimbra french forum ).

    Here's my problem :

    Our Domain was a real mess, se we decided to clean it up by moving everybody to a new domain, creating a new profile for every users on the domain, and moving their local profiles to a new user on each computer (using ForensIT profwiz, which is a GREAT tool btw).

    BUT, even if the mail profile is still the same, when we move the user from one domain to another, it keeps re-syncing the mails with the server. That's ok for my test user and its 4mb profile, but some of the users have 3 or 4Gb of mail, and each of them will try to resync at the same time...

    Why is ZCO not just using the old .zdb (which is still in the good folder, with the good name and permissions) instead of resyncing every mail with the server ??

    I there a way to assign an existing zdb to a new mail profile (whithout syncing nor doubling each mail on the server) , in wich case, I should use this method..?

    By advance, thank you, sorry for my english, sorry if there's an existing thread (I searched.. ), and sorry for my soccer team xD

    Have a good day =)

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    It seems like the profile is somehow linked to the user ID. I can't find any information about it though...

    Well, I've been trying some changes in the registry, I've tried to set the profile as a roaming one... Nothing worked so far.

    SO, what would be awesome would be for me to know exactly how .zdb are made, in other words: getting ZCO source code.
    Is there a way to get it ?
    Isn't Zimbra an OpenSource software ? oO
    (I could be wrong, I haven't been using Zimbra for long - I have to deal with it because of an internship project)

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    Zimbra is FOSS but the ZCO isn't.

    I'm not sure this would but help but you may be able at least to mitigate your problem by using the new headers-only mode in ZCO.

    Bug 11962 – Sync Mode: Headers Only, Rest On Demand
    Bug 38520 – headers only mode: download message when read

    Note this was fixed just recently:
    Bug 45672 – checkbox for setting/unsetting header-only mode doesn't work

    And these bugs are still outstanding:
    Bug 47420 – checkbox for setting/unsetting header-only mode requires restarting Outlook
    Bug 47477 – download header-only items for auto-archiving

    I find it works very well, though, at least in testing.

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    Thank you for your answer, I tjink I'll have to consider the eventuallity of resyncing every mail boxes
    The header only mode will help for sure !

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