Hi guys (and girls :-) ),

I have a problem with the inital sync of ZCO. It doesn't sync all folders/mails. The mail store is about 2,6GB. I used the ZCSPSTImporter tool to import my .pst files.
Webmail seems to have all mails and folders correctly, so it is only my Outlook which is out of sync.

- Is it possible to force sync of all mails and folders? (Traversal sync of some kind?)
- Can one be 100% that Outlook is always 100% identical to Zimbra webmail? (consistent)

What is the difference between using the ZCSPSTImport tool, and to use the Outlook's built-in import tool? I guess the difference is none, and the only difference is that ZCSPSTIimporter is more automatic... correct?

Btw. using on both server and client.

- Michael