I've successfully altered the msi installer (using ZmCustomizeMsi.js) to use the correct server name, port, and connection method and everything works fine when the installation is performed interactively.

However, when I try to deploy (assign) the msi using a GPO, it installs but often times (especially in Windows 7 32bit) it will not show up under Add/Remove Programs. Also, when deployed via GPO, it doesn't automatically create the new Zimbra Outlook profile. Other than that, it appears to be correctly installed. It's registry entries are there and I can manually create an Outlook profile then chose the "Zimbra Collaboration Server" and everything appears to work groovey after that.

Any ideas on how I can ensure that it shows up under Add/Remove Programs? Am I missing a step? Why does it appear under Add/Remove Programs on the XP boxes?

Here's the filename of the .msi version I'm using.