So I need a bit of guidance and the docs aren't helping.

We have ZCS4RC1 installed and working. I downloaded the Outlook Connector, and after restarting Outlook and filling out the Zimbra info, my Exchange profile was gone and Zimbra was the only email account.

I then added my Exchange profile back in, but somehow all my inbox got moved from Exchange to Zimbra (since Zimbra was the default account?). I got this worked out and Exchange set back to my default account (albeit with all the mesage times now incorrectly having today's date).

My questions is - after I add Zimbra manually back into Outlook, I don't see Zimbra's Inbox or Calendar. I only see Emailed Contacts, Journal, Notes, Outbox, Sync Issues, Tasks, Trash, and any additional folders I create.

How can I get the Zimbra Inbox and Calendar to now appear in Outlook ?

Thanks !