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Thread: Viewing shared calendars in Outlook

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    Default Viewing shared calendars in Outlook

    Hi, we're currently experiencing an issue with viewing shared calendars in outlook. We've installed the connector and set everything up but when we go to File > Open > Open Other User's Mailbox... and select the user with the shared mailbox, nothing happens.

    When I try this myself (domain and mail admin) it works properly.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    Additional info:
    Microsoft Office 2007
    Windows XP

    Mail server:
    Client Information

    Client Version:6.0.7_GA_2473.UBUNTU8
    Client Release: 20100616224111
    Build Date: 20100616-2250

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    Enable ZCO logging (logging and HTTP logging only -- not verbose) and post the logs. I can take a look.

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