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Thread: ZCO Sync Nested Folders

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    Default ZCO Sync Nested Folders

    I've noticed that when a user drags a folder from a PST file into his Zimbra mailbox, if it's not at the root level, the folder gets created but the emails never sync to the server. If the folder is created at the root level, then the emails sync, and then you can move it into a nested structure. The same thing happens if I try to migrate the .pst file directly.

    Is this by design or a bug? Is there any way round it?

    We're in the process of migrating several thousand users away from Exchange, and many of them have very complex folder structures, it's really not practical to do this for everyone.

    Someone help please.

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    I've tried dragging folders from an imported .pst into a ZCO profile (albeit not very complex cases) and it works fine. The folders get created, and the emails within them get synced.

    What version of our Outlook connector (ZCO) are you using? How complex is what you're doing?

    Can you give an example of a .pst, or what the structure is of what you're trying to sync?

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    OK, first the techie bit..

    Windows XP (Usually), Outlook 2007 (Usually), we recently upgraded to ZCO 6.0.6058.6 client 6.0.8_GA_2661 server.

    Recent updates to the client and server may have helped this issue, but there was definitely a problem on earlier releases. I'll take a look at upgrading some of the people who are still experiencing issues and come back to this tread if the issue is still there.

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