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Thread: Names displayed multiple times in GAL

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    Default Names displayed multiple times in GAL

    We have just migrated from Exchange 5.5 to Zimbra. I've noticed two things I have questions about.

    First, in the Global Address List, every local user is displayed up to three times. Our users all have for their primary address. Some have first name only, department or mis-spellings as additional aliases. If a user has any alias addresses, his name is diplayed up to three times. This makes selecting names from the list a real pain, since it's 2-3 times longer than it needs to be. Is there any way to limit each user in the GAL to no duplicates? The Exchange GAL ignored the external addresses and just displayed the users once.

    Second, how can I change the default address list to be the Gloable Address List? Currently, it always uses the contacts as default and I have to use the pull-down to select the GAL.

    Thanks for your help,
    John McLeod

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    Sounds like you're using 6.0.7. In 6.0.7 (bug 44801), someone wanted us to change it to the behavior you have. Then people complained, so in 6.0.8 (bug 48780), we changed it back. So 6.0.8 has the behavior you want. Maybe we should have a registry key so people can choose.

    As for your other question, to change the search order, in Outlook do:

    Tools->Address Book, Tools->Options. In Show this Address List First, choose Global Address List in the dropdown. Then hit the Apply button.

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    Default Also experiencing these problems with the GAL

    I agree, there should be a registry key or option in the Admin Console to not display aliases in the GAL. Or an ability to edit the GAL directly or something. Please notify us if or when this changes.

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