I am having great difficulties with a user trying to install ZCO on Windows 7, Outlook 2010 (32Bit), and ZCS NE 6.0.7 with the connector for that version.

Outlook is installed on the machine and running fine, but when the ZCO msi is launched and run, after hanging for a while on install the installer fails and returns the alert "Outlook is not installed on your system". Outlook is installed, and I have repaired it just to make sure that everything is in place, but the message keeps appearing. We even tried making a brand new Windows login/account and installing the connector on a completely vanilla windows profile on the same machine (again, Outlook is installed and running), but we received the same error!

I'm looking for some clues or places to look to solve this problem, because I have not had much luck so far.

Help = appreciated. Thanks!