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Thread: Information store could not be opened

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    Default Information store could not be opened

    Windows 7 32bit
    Office 2010
    ZCS Connector for Outlook v. 6.0.5981.7

    If I log into the computer Outlook works fine with the Zimbra connector. However, if the main user tries to start up Outlook they get the following error.
    "Cannot open your default e-mail folders. The information store could not be opened."

    I've tried reinstalling Office and deleting the mail profile multiple times. When I delete the profile and start Outlook I get to the screen where I select "Zimbra Collaboration Server" and then get the error "The account you added is not fully configured. It might not work properly until re-configured correctly." and does not let me continue. If I configure the profile from the Mail control panel it seems to work but then I get the information store error again.

    I suspect it may be a rights problem but I can't figure out where the problem is. The user and I are both setup the same way and he seems to have the correct rights in the user dir.

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    Default workaround by deleting profile

    I found at least a partial workaround. I backed up what the user needed and deleted the Windows profile. Recreated it and restored the data and it worked fine. So my suspicion now is that something was messed up either in the profile or in the registry settings for the user.

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