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Thread: zimbra + outlook + remote calendar

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    Default zimbra + outlook + remote calendar


    I'm testing zimbra v3.1.4 open source edition.

    I would like set and get appointment in zimbra and share theme with outlook.
    I tried remote calendar plugin, in outlook i'm able to view celander stored in zimbra but not viceversa (if i set an appointment in outlook i can't see it in zimbra).

    i used this url:

    I think Outlook is able to read it but not write.

    How can i share calendar between 2 application?


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    Upgrade to 4.0 Network Edition for calendar sharing with the outlook connector.
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    I have ZCS 4.0.2 NE and I am trying to do exactly what he has described above but I am unable to import the calendars with RemoteCalendar (opensource project see source forge).

    I have share a calendar as public then copied the URL. I can download the file to the desktop of a Windows XP system then import the ical/vcs file into Outlook 2003. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to import that data into a new folder, it all gets dumped into the users primary calendar. Reimporting causes dupes so there isn't anyway to "resync".

    Has anyone else had any luck getting this to work?


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