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    Hi all,

    Currently in the process of moving over to Zimbra but have run into a hurdle. A few of us have to send out mails from addresses such as sales@, enquiries@, etc. At present we just change the From address field for the email we want to send, but this has no affect when using the Zimbra Outlook connector with NE 4. The From addresses get changed back to our account.

    I know I can change it using zmprov with zimbraMailCanonicalAddress but thats on a permanent basis which isn't what I want. I've tried commenting out sender_canonical_maps = ldap:/opt/zimbra/conf/ in but that gets rewritten on startup.

    It only needs to work with the Outlook Connector. I've found a request for it to be added to the webmail gui here which would be nice but I'll be happy if I can just get it to work in Outlook.

    Any ideas?

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