Hello there,

We recently start to install French Outlook 2010 32 bits under Windows 7 32 bits with latest Zimbra connector.
Our sys admin upgrade our server with latest version of corporate working on Ubuntu.

First - Everything work well:
Connector work, and we start initial sync.
No problems there.

Second - start the problems:
When we delete inbox email it doesn't sync on server.
When we send items it's not apear on server send item.
Deleted mails folder are the same.

Third - the problems turn in nightmare:
User create some folders in outlook and start to store some mails in.
The folder was both on Outlook and server.
But because of second point we delete profile and restart initial sync.
Now these folders are hidden (we can't see any of it) in outlook and on server.
When we try to create a folder with the same old name server say "Folder already exist".
When we search for the mails in these old hidden folder we find them, in the correct folder!
We try to resync user account on admin side but it didn't change anything.

Any idea / help / gun ?