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Thread: Some Contacts Not Syncing

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    Default Some Contacts Not Syncing

    Using Outlook 2010 32-bit, I have some contacts that are not syncing. Most are there but only a few are not syncing up to the server.

    I've tried making small changes to the contact and send/receive but they do not appear in the web client or on my mobile phone.

    I'm using the latest 6.0.8_GA connector.

    What troubleshooting steps would you recommend?

    I've enabled logging but I don't know what to look for (there is a lot of information in the zco- log files )

    I was able to reproduce this by attaching an old PST with some old contacts (created from outlook 2003 maybe?) then drag the contact to the current contacts folder.


    By the way, the documentation online needs to be updated. Troubleshooting Options There is no "Sync Issues" folder, only "Sync Failures" (which is empty).

    Also, the online resources are sadly inadequate in this instance. I've also entered a support request.
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