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Thread: ZCS Upgrade to 6.0.9 and ZCO Change

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    To me, it looks like bug 53631 has always been around. I know you said:

    "my testing turned up Bug 53631 - cancellation doesn't close message window, which seems to be new in this ZCO"

    but I just tried it in 6.0.8 and got the same behavior. So I wouldn't think this should be a reason not to deploy the special 6.0.9. I will do some investigation into this bug to see when this got broken or if it ever worked at all.

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    Thanks, Frank. I wasn't sure about whether it was a new bug, but I didn't see it (for some reason) when I was re-testing ZCO 6.0.8 as a control prior to upgrade. Repro probably depends on some very precise actions, but since there could be more than one way to trigger the bug, I decided that there wasn't a compelling reason to upgrade at my site, at least for now.

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