When using the "Mail recipient (as attachement)" function from MS Office, my Outlook 2003 will open a new e-mail, with the attachement attached to the e-mail message. So all good there. After composing the body of the e-mail, and pressing the send button, still all good, the e-mail is sent.

The problem is that the e-mail is sent without the body message, however the attachment and header of the e-mail are correct.
Also trying to save the message before sending will save it in "inbox" folder, but without the mail body, that will be lost.
If after saving the message, i edit it and write the body, then send or save, the body is kept, or send correctly.

Anyone who can help me on this one ?

Thank you very much

Outlook 2003 SP3
Connector outlook : 6.0.6058.8 also observed with 6.0.6089.9
ZCS 6.0.9_GA_2686.RHEL5_64.20101115224141