We have just upgraded to ZCS Network Edition 7.0. After the upgrade the connectivity with our Outlook clients failed (we have upgraded to the new outlook connector with the ZCS version 7 edition) saying that the ZCS version is not compatible with the Outlook connector. As I understand it, this message appears when either the licence has expired or when not using a licence for professional edition licences.

Our licences has not expired and we are not using the open source version of ZCS and our licence is for 15 professional edition mailboxes.

Also, in the web admin interface the following message is displayed where approriate:

"NOTE: Settings only apply to servers that have the appropriate service(s) installed and enabled. Server settings override global settings."

I did compare our current licence with the the expired one and noted that in the old one the parameter MAPIConnectorAccountsLimit is set to '15' whilst to '0' in the new licence. We did purchase an identical licence to that of the old one.

Is it the entry mentioned above that is causing our outlook clients to fail to connect? And, if so, why did the new licence work at all prior to upgrading to the new ZCS version 7 version?

When I contact Zimbra sales they simply say this is a support issue and do not want to comment on the MAPIConnectorAccountsLimit entry. The issue I have though is that with our licence we do not get support!

Any help would be appreciated