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Thread: Reduce size of zdb files

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    Default Reduce size of zdb files


    we have quite often problems with the size of zdb files. On the one hand large files tend to make Outlook less stable, on the other hand repairing/resyncing of large files is a rather long process.
    As our users are used to keep their mail for a long time (IMAP space is rather cheap) we don't want to urge them to delete old mails. Are there plans for a kind of 'hierarchical storage management' for outlook, so that specific folders are not synced to the same zdb file. Are there any other solutions/ideas?

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    Default Same Problem

    I have the same problem, but the zdb files have grown over time and do cause problems.

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    Me too! This has become rather urgent. Is it at least possible to set the Outlook connector to act like IMAP and only download messages when they are clicked?

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    With Microsoft .pst files (of which the .zdb is really the same), deleting items doesn't compact the file. At intervals, we do ask if you want to compact ZDB files, or you can do it yourself (File->Account settings, data files, double click on the ZDB, ZDB Configuration, Compact ZDB. This can also be done outside of Outlook.

    You can also download headers only((File->Account settings, data files, double click on the ZDB, Download settings). It's probably best to do that at the beginning, when you're setting up the profile (in configuration settings -- you'll see the same tabs).

    These instructions are for Outlook 2010, but they are in 2007 as well.

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