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    Default Outlook 2003 meetings display 1 hour early, schedule correctly

    I have a single user (known to us at least) who is using Outlook 2003 with the 7.0.1 connector. The issue also occurs with the Outlook connector 6.0.10.

    Essentially when we setup a meeting in Outlook at 8am for Bob and send it to a ZWC user John who sees 7am instead in the wording. The strange part is that the meeting will show 8pm in the calendar preview pane and then create the meeting for 8pm as well on John's calendar.

    I attached a screenshot for easier reference.

    Everything seems OK between ZWC users, is the Outlook connector not aware of Daylight Saving Time or have incorrect time zones? We're in Alaska (-9 gmt, DST used) if it makes a difference.

    UPDATE: Edited the title
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