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Thread: Limiting the incoming message size

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    Default Limiting the incoming message size


    We have a user using Outlook 2010 with the Zimbra connector. Problem is they are on a slow/unreliable Mobile Internet connection.

    They have expressed the need to limit the incoming message by size. And if over a certain size, only download the headers.

    This appears to be a feature of Outlook, just not when a Zimbra account is configured.

    Please refer to this link to see what I'm talking about.
    OfficeToolTips Outlook Tip: Limiting the incoming message size

    Anyone know how to implement/configure this? Or should i just submit a RFE.

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    There are server settings for limiting attachment sizes. That could help. And the Zimbra Connector for Outlook does have a configuration feature where you can just download headers. It's not as granular as configuring that based on a given message size, but you can configure to download headers only, and that's all you get. Then when you click on an individual message, you'll get all of it.

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