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Thread: 6.06 Connector compatible with ZCS 7.1?

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    Default 6.06 Connector compatible with ZCS 7.1?

    We're hoping to upgrade to 7.1 ZCS later this month and I'm trying to judge how fast I must also upgrade our Outlook connectors. We're using the ZCS 6.06 connector. Will clients who still have 6.06 be able to communicate with a 7.1 server version until I can update all of them to the 7.1 connector? Or must I upgrade all connectors to 7.1 immediately upon server upgrade?

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    Roy Barnes
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    I upgraded all my users ZCO to 7.1 and they were using it against our 6.0.8 server without any major issues for a few days. I made sure everyone was on the latest ZCO before upgrading my ZCS to 7.1. Test the 7.1 ZCO out against 6.0.6 before deploying to everyone.

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    We've got several facilities still on 6.06, it's on my to-do list in the next coulple weeks to get them upgraded. So far, nobody complaining.

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