Feel like I'm flooding a bit here, but anyway....

We use Windows 7 x64 with x86 Office 2010. Everyone insists on using Outlook rather than the web interface or ZDesktop (I have asked many, many times for people to suck it up and either quit complaining about their bloatware or change over to what Zimbra is meant to work with, but yeah, no luck), so we need to use the Outlook connector. Usually, it will work ok, but sometimes it just crashes Outlook without any reason whatsoever when we try to set up a new profile's email account.

Another thing that "annoys" people (-.-) is that email takes a minute to push out. I think I found a way to fix this in the advanced tab of a user's settings panel in the admin console, though, so not a big issue.

The crashing is really starting to get to me, though, because it seems entirely random. Does anyone have some tips on how to avoid it?