We had setup a Zimbra Server (6.40.5 Network Edition) test system. The Test users s where using Outlook 2010 on Win xp machines.

After a system crash (no backup available) I had setup a new zimbra server (7.1.0). Unfortunately some of the testusers had already used their test accounts for production purposes.

I have created new accounts for each user in zibra. All accounts have the same names and passwords as the 'old' users had. But unfortunately the GUID has changed.

Whenever I try to connect to zimbra I get message from the outlook conector that the 'old' and 'new' Account-IDs doesn't match. From zimbras point of view this is correct.

My problem is, how can I connect the users to the server with their old accounts (names and password)?. I dont want to loose the mails, contacts and appointments they still have available in outlook. How can I save the outlook content?

Any help would be greatly appreciated