I have upgraded some of our ZCO installs on Windows 7 Pro 32 bit with Office 2010/2007 (ZCO 6.0.9 to 7.1) without any problems.

Today I tried to install ZCO 7.1 fresh on Windows 7 Pro 32 bit with Office 2010 H+O. It installs fine but when I go to the limited user account and setup a mail profile it fails to authenticate the user against the server.
I tried to create the same email profile under an Administrative user account and it works fine. Sounds like a permissions issue to where the server settings are stored to me.

I can install 6.0.9 and then I can setup the mail profile under the limited account fine. I can then upgrade to 7.1 and it still works.

ZCS is v7.1.0 GA 3140 Network - We use a hosted offering.
ZCO is v7.1.0 GA 6315 or v6.0.9 GA 2755