Ran into an odd issue today, which WILL be a deal breaker if we can't figure this out.

Customer whom we are migrating from exchange had created a shared task list in Public folders. THis task list seems to have custom feilds and custom views and custom forms. We figured out how to move the view and form, but the tasks do NOT want to sync..

We can create a new task list, add a single task from outlook and the task does not get uploaded to the webconsole nor to other shared boxes.

as an experiment:

Currently we have a task list in our outlook profile (public@domain.com) with 600+ items. (say computer a) IF i create a profile on another computer (computer b) (public@domain.com) the tasks don't show up.. visa versa if i create a task on computer b the task does not get uploaded..

we are using 7.1.1