We've just upgraded to Zimbra 4.03GA and upgraded the outlook connector as well.

Two of our outlook users can be managers of another user's contacts and calendar.

After installing the new connector, we re-created their Outlook profiles from scratch-- the outlook sync seemed to go fine; and all their email, contacts and calendar are present. But in the shared user folders, whilst all the contacts seem to be there, many of the calendar entries are missing.

From zimbra, they have all the calendar entries and contact entries.

When I check the zimbra sync.log, I can see that the outlook connector has received all the appointments:

email1# grep [owner of calendar entry] zimbra.log | grep GetAppointment | grep [shared user name] | wc -l


which is around the number of entries he has in the calendar.

But most of the entries don't appear in the outlook calendar.

I've now reproduced this bug on a separate machine; I created a new profile for one of the users and repeated the sync, with the same results.

This was _not_ a problem with 4.02GA and the 4.02GA outlook connector.